Preparing for Your Senior Portraits


You've just finished up your junior year, planning your summer, and it’s finally time to think about your Senior Portraits. From choosing the right photographer for your session to getting ready for your photo shoot, here are a few helpful tips!

Choosing Your Photographer- Senior pictures capture a wonderful time in your life. One you will never want to forget. Choosing a professional photographer can help put your mind at ease that your senior pictures will be perfect. You will look your best. You will have beautiful photos that you will love years from now. A photographer needs to be the right fit for you. Don’t let mom do all the work. A good photographer will want to get to know you! Find someone that will fit your style whether that’s traditional studio photos or a fashion inspired photo shoot.

Friends Or Parents- Friends or parents are ok to tag along and often can be a help. However, if they distract you, it may be best to meet them when the session is over. Its always fun to have a couple of shots with a girl/boy friend, best friend, sibling, or parent.

Props- They’re great! Bring props that help show who you are. A few suggestions/ideas:Sports equipment (football, volleyball, basketball, baseball bat, pom poms etc.)Sports uniformsMusical instrumentsActivity related items (dance, art, school clubs, etc.)


Choosing The Right Outfits- What you wear for your senior portraits is very important. One of the best peices of advice that I can give to seriors is: Do not wear somtheing that you wouldnt normally wear. Not only does it make you uncomfortable during your session, but wearing something you normally wouldn't does not properly represent your true personality! Make sure patterns are not to busy and clothing fits well. Baggy clothing will make you look bigger than you are, and no one wants that! Be sure to have the proper under garments for your outfits. Keep it simple. Bring many options to your session. Don’t forget about shoes & accessories! Hair, Nails & Make up- If you dont already have an idea of what you would like to do, Pinterest is a great resource to plan out hairstyles to try out for your session. But remember not to try a new haircut or color before your picture day. You don’t want to get stuck with a style you don’t like. Make up can be applied a little heavier than usual. AVOID GLITTER! Don’t forget to get a mani/pedi! Stick to neutral or classic pinks and reds for nail polish.

A Week Before- Start preparing yourself the week before your session. Drink lots of extra water and get plenty of rest. Do not go tanning, get a spray tan, or stay in the sun too long. All these things can lead to red or orange skin which is not flattering in photos.

The Night Before- Get plenty of rest! Exfoliate and moisturize your face to ensure your make up glides on flawlessly the next day. Make sure that you have all of your outfits including accessories and shoes ready to go so your not trying to find things last minute.

Day Of Your Session- Moisturize your face before applying make up. You can even rub your toothbrush over your lips to get them nice and smooth! The best part of your session day is getting your model on for your senior pictures, remember to have fun and smile!

Guys: Hair- If you have longer hair, make sure it will stay out of your eyes during your session. Have it trimmed if necessary. Don’t make any drastic changes like shaving your head or dying your hair around your session date. Otherwise you’ll look back at your photos and wonder “What was I thinking?” Shoes- We don’t expect you to get as excited as the ladies about shoes, but bring a variety of casual and dressier shoes. Avoid gym shoes or flip-flops since these will appear too casual when viewing your photos. Clothing- Make sure you’re comfortable in your clothing and that it flatters you. Generally try to avoid stripes and plaid. Solid colors work much better than patterns. Take a variety of colors and mix the level of styles. Some should be dressy, some dressy-casual, and some casual. Bring black and/or dark gray t-shirts to wear under other shirts. White undershirts stick out and photograph poorly. Avoid t-shirts with large graphics or logos. They distract from the main subject, which is you.

The Night Before- Get plenty of rest! Make sure that you have all of your outfits including accessories and shoes ready to go so your not trying to find things last minute. And please do not just stuff all your stuff into a gym bag. Wrinkly clothing is not what anyone wants to see in their senior portraits! I hope these tips and ideas on how to prepare for your senior session have been helpful! Best of Luck!

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