Top 5 Reasons to Have Professional Maternity Portraits Taken.

While we specialize in maternity, newborrns and family; we have had so many inquiries about newborn & maternity portrait sessions. Some moms are hesitant to do a maternity portrait session, but let me encourage you …they are so beautiful!

Here’s a few favorites from a gorgeous expecting mommy maternity photo shoot, her images are so perfect, so polished, they look like they should be on the cover of a pregnancy or motherhood magazine! Here are our top reasons you should schedule your own Maternity Session.

1. Highlight the beauty of carrying your little angel:

Expecting moms are truly radiant. I have never photographed a mom-to-be that was not beautiful and glowing. I have much experience photographing pregnancies, and I know the perfect lighting, angles ad styling to make you feel and look gorgeous!

2. Preserve this moment in time for many generations to come:

As I and my children grow older, I am learning each day how much we desire to see the memories of their lives. My daughter and I could sit and go though photos from her being a baby for hours and she gets just as excited each time. Children are eager to see the history of their lives and the lives of those within their family. Archiving important moments is so important to telling the unique story of your family.

3. Remember this special moment in time:

Pregnancy is a moment of time when not only your body is undergoing many changes, but your whole entire world is changing. Life takes on a whole new meaning once your baby is born. Remember the moment where it all began by scheduling a custom maternity photo session.

4. Pamper yourself, you deserve it:

We, as moms, take so little time for ourselves. Balancing pregnancy, career, family & home life is a lot to juggle. Taking the time to feel beautiful and special when all of your time and energy is focused on preparing for your new little one is truly a breath of fresh air. Pamper yourself to the gift of memories.

5. Beautiful portraits begin with emotion:

I can not think of many more emotional moments than pregnancy. An expectant mom’s heart is overflowing with love and anticipation….just awaiting the arrival of the precious little blessing on the way. Capturing the joy of motherhood is such an amazing experience and incredible memories to look back on!

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