What to Wear for Your Boudoir Session

We do a lot of boudoir shoots. Boudoir shoots are so much fun, but often our clients are a little nervous and have a handful of questions for us. One of the most common questions we are asked is "What should I wear to my boudoir shoot?". I put together a list of our favorite boudoir looks to help give everyone a better idea of what to wear to their boudoir shoot.

Bring a selection of tasteful lingerie – “All in ones”, teddies, “cami-suspenders” are more flattering to most ladies. And play around with colors. Shades of ivory and white give an air of sophistication and innocence. Red, black, pink, deep blues, greens and purples are more sultry and evocative. There are a lot of fun polky dot and floral fabrics around too. But it’s entirely up to you – think about what image you want to portray and match your outfits accordingly.

Just Sheets

This is such a simple and sexy look. It creates the illusion of being naked without actually having to take it all off. This is also a really economical look -- Let's be honest -- Lingerie can get expensive so the sheet look can be a great alternative.


A babydoll outfit is flattering to just about every figure. It accentuates cleavage and has a loose fitting skirt that conceals your stomach. There are so many different poses you can do in a babydoll outfit, which makes it one of the best types if lingerie to wear to a boudoir shoot.


Traditionally, corsets were worn to mold the shape of a woman’s torso into a more aesthetic form. Corsets a great piece of lingerie for women with a curvier figure because they accentuate the waist and exaggerate cleavage. This is a very sexy look that I would suggest accessorizing with thigh highs and a garter belt.

Bra and Panty set

This is a classic. Bringing a cute bra and panty set to your boudoir shoot is always a good idea. There are so many poses that show off this look. My only recommendation is to be sure everything fits well.

Something of His

This is one of my favorite looks for a boudoir shoot. Many women have boudoir photos taken to give as a gift to their significant other, so incorporating something of theirs into the shoot is a great idea. It can add a fun, playful element to your shoot that they will definitely enjoy.

High Heels

The higher the better to elongate legs and create really fabulous photos. You wont be walking anywhere so don’t worry that they’re uncomfortable.


Many ladies find them uncomfortable as they always slide down but it’s only for an hour’s photo shoot. They make such a difference. Most ladies feel really amazing wearing them so the photos are more alluring as a result, not to mention they look really gorgeous!

A Little Dress or Robe

A little lacey dress or silky robe is always a good idea to bring to a boudoir shoot. It is very feminine and sexy without being too risqué.


Layered long necklaces look really glamorous on top of beautiful lingerie. If the colors and style of the jewelery match the lingerie then so much the better – bring a selection with you if you need help choosing the right combinations.

Comfy but Sexy

I love this look because it is so genuine and natural. It is always fun for our significant others to see us in sexy lingerie, but they are also attracted to us at our most natural. Wearing undies with a big comfy sweater falling over your shoulder or an oversized shirt can be incredibly sexy and will bring a lot of versatility to your shoot.

We suggest that when choosing your outfits, be sure that they are not to big or to small, also avoid neon colors!

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