Baby Gavin- Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

As a mother myself I learned very quickly how much life changed for my husband and I when we welcomed out first little one. When I met little Gavins parents around 2.5 years ago, I slightly envied their carefree lifestyle. We moved into their neighborhood across the street from them and would see all the fun adventurous things they were regularly headed out and doing. It reminded me of our days prior to children. While I would never change the life I have with my little ones, I certainly miss those days often. Over the years we have gotten to know this sweet couple (now little family) and are quite fond of them.

Every time we would see Cody and Claire interact with our children we would jokingly say things like, "y'all better get busy and start popping out a few of your own" or ask them "when are you going to have a baby". I knew without a doubt that they would make incredible parents. I could see that they were holding onto their freedom at the time and honestly believed it would be some time before they welcomed a little Strong baby into their world.

In getting to know this little ones sweet momma, Claire, I always felt a sense of mothering that comes from her. She is gentle, sweet and so kind hearted. This may just come natural to her or if could stem from the fact that she has plenty of experience with children. As she is a swim coach and a teacher in an elementary school. It takes a special kind of person to have the patients to do her jobs and she fits the bill perfectly. When she broke the news and told me she was expecting I was overjoyed!!

I smiled, and giggled a little, at the thought of Cody becoming a dad. I pictured him having a little girl making him join her for tea parties and trying to do his hair and makeup some day. While I could see him taking on that roll like a champ, I felt it was very fitting for him to be broken into fatherhood with a boy. If Gavin ends up anything like his dad he will be extremely brave and adventurous. Just a short time before their due date, I walked out to see Cody putting together a little three wheel ATV. He has big plans for this little man of his.

While life has now changed significantly for the Strong family, their little bundle of joy has added to their lives in a wonderfully positive way. He is so loved and always will be. Thank you Cody and Claire for trusting me with capturing your boy and letting me love and snuggle him.

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