Tai Senior Portraits

When you find your passion in maternity, newborn, and family photography and focus your time on that solely; you don't often think of the other types of portraits out there. I have done many Senior Portraits but it has been some time since my last session. When presented with the opportunity to capture beautiful Tais senior pictures, my first thought was "I am so out of practice, I hope I don't mess this up".

When I agreed and committed to the session, I really started to get excited. Planning it out in my head was fun, the endless amounts of opportunities. Tai had always wanted to do her photos on the property that her grandmother grew up riding horses on and lived on and near. Recently they started clearing that lot and we all thought the option was eliminated. We talked about the many other gorgeous locations Colorado Springs has to offer and figured out our locations... Until we found out there was still access to part of the area she was in love with. Y'all, this location is a hidden gem!!

We started out in a very simple sunflower field, which was so perfect and a bit of an adventure. There are SOOO many random little bugs that hang out in sunflower fields. Tai was such a champ. Despite the fact that I probably put her out of her comfort zone more than once, she happily did anything I asked to get the perfect shots.

Shortly after, we headed out to our second location. I had never been to this spot and so the planner in me was super nervous but I was more than up for the challenge/adventure. I could have spent all day shooting at this gorgeous location! Each spot we stopped at had so many beautiful features, including INCREDIBLE mountain views. A few outfit changes, some walking around, lots of laughter and fun later... we finished our session as the sun went down.

In just the short time I had the pleasure of spending with Tai, I knew that she has such a bright future ahead of her. She has a kind heart with a lot of love to give. I could feel her passion for life and tell that she is very ambitious. This girl is going places and I can't wait to see what her future holds for her!

Thank you Tai and Shera for choosing me to capture these memories for your family.

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