Colorado Springs Photographer goes to California

Being married to a military veteran mean that I am blessed to have friends that live all over the place. I met my best friend when her husband was serving with mine. Funniest part of the story is we didn't really like each other when we first met. No particular reason that I remember, we just didn't click initially. I am happy to say that changed. The Jimenez family is one of my favorites. When you develop a bond and friendship like this you should be counting your lucky stars! Great friends are hard come by so I really did hit the jackpot here.

I got to take what I like to call a MOMcation. Over mothers day weekend I flew out to Sacramento California and spent some much needed time with my bestie and her family. Of course we made time to squeeze in a mini shoot because why not??? I love getting to capture my little Jayden as he is growing way to fast and developing into such a fun, silly and sometimes ornery little guy.

This session was part of my trip that I was very thankful to have but we really had a blast while I was there. We went and spent a day in Lake Tahoe, I had no clue Cali had anything like Lake Tahoe. Seriously SO BEAUTIFUL there. A note I made to myself.... Rum runners are a terrible idea! I also got spoiled and went to a country music concert (Scotty McCreery) with a lovely bunch of ladies and we had entirely to much fun there and went dancing after! Country music and dancing feeds my soul.

While we didn't spend as much time with the man who is my best friends other half, (Thanks Jimmy for letting us have so much kid free fun) I was happy so see him too. While every marriage has its moments, these two have been through so much and I admire their love and dedication to each other. This was a trip to be forever remembered! Thanks for welcoming me and for being the best friend a girl could ask for!!

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